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G-Shock Milshock NATO Strap Modification Tutorial

 As you know I like to put all my watches on NATO straps. G-Shocks pose a problem since the lugs are about 16mm and a skinny 16mm NATO would look funny on such a big watch. The typical solution is to buy the NATO strap adapters. They also pose a problem since they are hard to install and the NATO starts a little further away from the lugs than I would like. Another solution is to widen the lugs to about 20mm but this makes the lugs very thin and severely weakens them. I would also prefer a 22mm strap. So I am thinking why not modify the NATO strap itself. I had an old 22mm ZULU strap that wasn't being used so I modified to fit my GL7500HD. I was pleasantly surprised with the result. It's not perfect but it's not bad at all. See the link bellow.
GL7500HD on NATO
 I liked the way the 7500 turned out so much that I decided to put my 5600 on a Military Green NATO using the same method. The process is documented bellow.
First step is to remove the stock resin straps. I use a strap removal tool. Makes the process very easy. You can also use a small flat head screwdriver.
 The next step was marking the location the of the lugs where to make my cuts.
 I used a pair of my wife's fabric scissors to cut notches in the NATO where I had made my marks. 
 I used a blow torch type lighter to seal the cuts. Be very careful doing this. It's a very quick process. Just barely hit the cuts with the flame.
 Here are all the notches cut, the two on the right side are sealed.
 Here is the NATO strap installed on the 5600.
 With the keeper.
 Finished product.
Not bad at all. Just take your time. Make sure the notches are cut in the right places. It's not perfect but it works.